Putting the 'eco' in 'ecommerce'

Putting the 'eco' in 'ecommerce'


To help put the 'eco' in 'ecommerce' we've made the move to 100% home compostable shipping mailers (wherever possible) for the many parcels we send everyday.

The eco mailers break down within 3-6 months when composted, yet are still waterproof, tough and durable so you can be sure that all of the bamboo goodness we pack stays lovely as it travels to your door.

The parcel packaging is made from corn starch, PLA (vegetable-based plastic material) and PBAT (composting co-polymer).

We're also really proud to be using these mailers as it means we are also supporting another Australian owned business!

To compost the mailers at home, first remove the shipping/address label. Then you can optionally cut them up for the fastest composting results.

You can also check if your local council allows the disposal of compostable packaging in green bins. If so, they are another fantastic option to dispose of the bags sustainably.

Heaps good, hey?

100% home compostable eco mailers


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