Our Story - A Bamboo Love Affair

Our love affair with bamboo fabric began when we were on the hunt for bed sheets for one of our sons. He had always complained about itchy fabrics, so we thought we'd give bamboo sheets a try. We were drawn in by the promise of a silky smooth texture and luxuriant feel. The bamboo sheets we bought him were exquisite. 

We then discovered bamboo clothing and our love affair became somewhat of an addiction (seriously - once you try bamboo it is hard to go back to anything else!)

The fact that bamboo is a more sustainable, earth-friendly option made us feel really good about our bamboo epiphany. And the more we tried the more we loved it.

Things changed a lot for us in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic. As with many people, we were forced to slow down. We took the chance to take stock of our lives. To think about what it was we really wanted to do. And to set a positive example for our four children.

So we decided to start our own business based on eco-friendly bamboo products. 

While we'd love to design our own earth-friendly collections, we just wouldn't know where to start! Instead, we've channeled our energy into curating the very best selection of bamboo products and putting them all in the one place... our (bamboo) island! Our mission is to help more people discover the many wonders of bamboo for themselves.

We are adding to our collection all the time, and we love that we have many repeat customers - it gives us a real buzz to see familiar names pop up on our order screen.

We've always embraced the idea of slow living, slow fashion and slow travel. The bamboo pieces that we've hand-picked, from luxuriously soft bamboo bedding and pyjamas, to beautiful dresses, lounge pants and yoga wear are classic and what we hope is the very opposite of fast fashion and throwaway living.

We've rushed through our whole lives. Now we are slowing down and embracing a more sustainable lifestyle... Island living if you like.

Welcome to our island!

Melissa & Jason