Top 10 Eco Friendly Father's Day Gifts

Eco Friendly Father's Day Gift Ideas


We've got you covered for Father's Day with our top 10 eco-friendly gifts designed just for dads, from socks and jocks to eco-chic casual shirts. Designed for dads, bamboo is super comfy, breathable, moisture wicking and antibacterial. Shop our Father's Day edit for  some eco friendly bamboo goodness and you're guaranteed to be his favourite child this year!


Here's our Top 10 Picks for Eco Friendly Father's Day Gifts

1. Ultra Cool 80s Retro Arcade Game Bamboo Socks

These retro arcade game socks from Bamboozld are simply the best. Who doesn't love Pacman, Space Invaders and Donkey Kong? These socks also pack a functional punch: They are antibacterial, moisture-wicking and super comfy. 


80s Retro Game Bamboo Socks


2. Classic Crew neck Bamboo T-Shirts

Available in black, white, navy, burnt red and dark grey, these bamboo t-shirts are classic, comfy and considered. A nice, casual style, you can also layer them under a buttoned shirt.


Men's Dark Red Bamboo T Shirt


3. Eco-Chic Casual Shirts in Tropical Prints

So much love for these shirts! Super soft and surfer cool, they have been ethically handmade and hand-printed in Bali. There are four different tropical island prints to choose from, but we can't decide which style we love the most...


Men's Casual Bamboo Shirt


4. Father's Day Sock Cards 

Yep, that's right - A Father's Day card with a pair of fun and functional bamboo Father's Day socks inside! How good is that??


Father's Day sock card


5. 'Daddy Cool' Loungewear

Loungewear has been trending like crazy in these Covid-19 times, but we haven't found anything super comfy and classy for men until now... We love this bamboo lounge look for dads - Men's Bamboo Lounge Pants coupled with a soft and comfy Bamboo Muscle Shirt.


Men's Bamboo Loungewear


6. Bamboo Polo Shirts

If your dad is a polo shirt kind of guy, he'll love these polos in soft pastel shades. Made with a soft and breathable 70% bamboo / 30% cotton blend, these polos keep you feeling fresh and looking good all day long.


Men's Bamboo Polo Shirt


7. Bamboo Undies

Boxers or briefs? Whatever undie style your dad goes for, we have got him covered with our collection of fun and functional boxers, briefs and trunks. Bamboo underwear is quite simply the best - once you try bamboo you won't go back!

Men's Bamboo Underwear


8. A perfect night's sleep

Ok, so if the dad you are buying for is your partner, these silky soft bamboo sheets are simply the best gift to give! They are so luxurious and decadent they will make getting out of bed so much harder, but maybe that's what he wants ;)



9. Bamboo Beach Towels

These super soft and organic Bamboo Beach Towels are your perfect accessory for the beach or pool. Thick and dad-sized (100cm x 180cm), they have a luxurious 5 star feel and won't go crunchy in the sun.



10. Matchy Match Father's Day sets

Finally, to round up the perfect 10 Eco Friendly Father's Day gifts we have some matching sets in our sock & undie collections so you can find the perfect undercover look for your dad. The matching Pacman Socks and Boxers are our favourite, but a quick search of our collections and you can find the perfect match for your dad.


Eco Father's Day Gift Sets


Happy Father's Day!



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